Sex, Lies & The Truth

Catherine The Great

January 24, 2019

Most people freak out when they discover DNA revelations like your parent really isn't your biological parent.  Catherine did that too, but transitioned that feeling into an online support community for Not Parent Expected (what I call Parental Identity Discovery™) called DNA NPE Gateway on Facebook.  It has received a ton of national media attention ranging from articles in the Atlantic to appearances on Dr. Oz, CBS This Morning and The Today Show, to name a few.

Catherine joins the podcast to discuss the personal impact of Parental Identity Discovery™ and the real reason people take the chance to reach out and connect with newly discovered biological family. She takes us through the groups plans to expand their legal influence and makes a great plug for therapy.

Learn more about Jodi's work with fellow NPE and Parental Identity Discovery™ at or 

Learn about how Christina works to find your family at 

Find Catherine's group at DNA NPE Gateway.  Admittance is granted upon answering a few questions to verify NPE status.